App Alert! Just in time for Christmas - Junior Learning's eagerly awaited Touchtronic 3 Letter Words app is now available FREE on the iTunes store. And better yet, it's just won App of the week on! Use your set of Touchtronic Letters to spell 3 letter words with ease. Simply stamp each letter on the word frame to build words. The Touchtronic 3 Letter Word app is perfect for the classroom or home use.

When placing a letter on the word building frame it’s letter sound is activated. After each word is spelt correctly, the pronunciation and an image are provided. This fantastic new word building app contains all 3 letter (and 2 letter) words, with over 600 examples in all, and meets common core reading requirements. The natural extension of our Touchtronic ABCs app, offering plenty of learning fun for the kids through the holidays!

Touchtronic 3 Letter Words is designed to work with Touchtronic Letters, a set of 26 letters of the alphabet built with Touchtronic Technology so that they interact with the iPad. When you purchase Touchtronic Letters you unlock the app. There is also a simple demonstration version that works without the physical Touchtronic Letters for building words by changing the sound vowel sound.

3 Letter Words App