Happy New Year everyone! The JL team hopes you all had a safe and happy holiday. For our first blog post for 2015, we’re kicking off with a review of our NEW Touchtronic 3 Letter Words app. Susan Stevenson-Turner, retired teacher in Ontario, 27 years experience in reading and special education, has kindly taken the time to review our new app. Susan volunteers her time at locals schools, supporting students at risk for literacy and numeracy. Here is what she has to say:

"Love this new FREE app!! So happy to be using the Touchtronic letters for iPad on another great app. The kids at school are amazed…no matter what 3 letter word they think of, the app magically presents a picture which represents the word. They love to guess what the picture might look like and keep on playing just to discover new pictures or see favorites again and again. A great interactive hands on app using real letters, Touchtronic 3 Letter Words gives the students lots of practice reading and spelling words – great for beginning readers, it increases confidence and enthusiasm for reading.

I am looking forward using the apps again in the new year and have plans to show them to several colleagues who teach children with special needs. The letter size is great for kids with limited fine motor skills and perfect for children with visual limitations. You should try to get them into the hands of special educators - they are a great variation for teaching CVC word reading skills.  I really like being being able to turn on or off the sound and background, to hear individual letter sounds and that vowels are in red as a contrast to consonants.

I hope to see Touchtronic Numbers soon - I noticed that they will work for all four Math operations - great for kids of various ages and stages.  I see a great future for Touchtronic products! Thanks Junior Learning!"