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Grade 1 - Math Catch Up Kit

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Junior Learning’s 1st Grade Math Catch Up kit has been specifically compiled from a range of products to help your children and students who may have fallen behind and need to be accelerated back up to their year level. Products have been selected that reach across the entire Math curriculum.

1 x Food Fractions
1 x Ten Frame Towers
1 x 50 Money Activities USA
1 x Shape Flips
1 x 50 Ten Frame Activities
1 x Time Puzzles
1 x Rainbow Pattern Blocks
1 x 6 Number Pattern Games
1 x Time Flips
1 x Roll-A-Sum
1 x 50 Dice Activities
1 x Subtraction Dominoes
1 x Addition Dominoes
1 x Smart Tray
1 x Number Accelerator (Set 1)
1 x Subtraction Flashcards