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How to Avoid the Summer Slide?

If you assume that more educational resources helps to prevent summer slide, and less resources make it worse, then the below ideas might just help keep children learning over summer vacation:


1. Explore the local library – Families need to know how they can access their public libraries, and librarians can assist them with accessing digital resources.


Kids in the library


2. Read, read and read – Take time when you can to read with your kids every day. Magazines, newspaper, digital books, road signs, grocery items etc. Encourage them to read at least four to six books over the summer break.


Girl reading a book 


3. Research their interests – Promote learning as fun while at home, and support your children by looking online about the topics they want to explore the most.


Child researching online


4. Embrace math – Find opportunities to identify math concepts in games, art, puzzles, trips to the park, camping trips and much more.


Girl picking up flowers 


5. Talk to your child’s teacher – Before going on the summer break, check in with the teacher and find out their suggestions for age/grade appropriate fun reading and math activities, either online or published materials.


Parent and teacher talk together 


Do you have any creative ideas for avoiding the summer slide? Tell us in the comments below!





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