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At Junior Learning we are passionate about education and it is our mission to provide schools, educational suppliers and parents with educationally rigorous resources across the entire learning curriculum


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If you are an educator or a parent, we have an entire range of resources that have been designed to supplement and enhance your child’s learning experience. All of our resources have been formulated to align with school and early learning curriculums. We are your complete resource provider to educate in the classroom, at home and even on the road!




Give your children the confidence in their ability to learn new skills and challenge themselves in new learning areas. A large number of our products are designed for students with learning differences to empower them too. If you are a parent, a new teacher, or moving into new curriculums, our products give you confidence to guide your children to learning success




Every child learns, develops and grows at different rates. Junior
Learning’s resources will give your children opportunities to push boundaries expand their learning experience and use different manipulatives to push past learning boundaries.


Learning through curiosity will create a love of learning.


Our Goal

Junior Learning was established in 2009 by educational neuroscientist Dr. Duncan Milne and children’s author Anna Kirschberg. Anna & Duncan had a global mission to support teachers and parents by developing unique, multi-sensory educational resources that were backed by the latest research in cognitive psychology. These resources would not only nurture the necessary neural pathways for creativity, imagination, and emotional development, but they would make teaching easier by saving hours of preparation time.

Fourteen years on, Junior Learning is a trusted brand loved by parents, children and teachers alike! It continues to deliver transformative learning experiences to students worldwide. Junior Learning’s 300+ products are designed by top educators to ensure the best educational quality. Junior Learning also caters to students with different learning styles and needs, with simple to follow instructions, visual examples, opportunities for self-correction, and color-coding to support each and every student. These resources instil in kids a growing sense of confidence in their ability to learn and figure things out on their own!

Junior Learning’s brain-building principles have also been recognized through numerous international awards. Its games and activities have been honoured by the Parent and Teacher Choice Awards, Academics Choice Awards, Tillywig Awards, The Eddy Awards, the Teacher Trendsetter Awards, the Teacher’s Choice Awards, and more! By investing in the latest research and technologies, Junior Learning creates new innovative ways for kids to learn and achieve their best!


Academics Choice Smart Media Award (Spring, 2015) - Touchtronic Numbers

Tillywig Brain Child Award (Spring, 2015) - Touchtronic Numbers

The Eddy Award Winner - Best New Product at Show (Ed Expo, Atlanta, 2015) - Touchtronic Numbers

Teacher Trendsetter Award - First Place, (Ed Expo, Atlanta, 2015) - Touchtronic Numbers

Academics Choice Smart Media Award (Summer, 2014) - Touchtronic Letters

Tillywig Brain Child Award (Spring, 2014) - Touchtronic Letters

Teacher Trendsetter Award (NSSEA, Dallas, 2014) - Touchtronic Letters

Teacher's Choice Award (2014) - Spelligator

Informal Education - Award of Excellence for Spelligator (2012)

Tillywig Brain Child Award (Spring, 2019) - Magtronix Starter Set

Parent and Teacher Choice Awards - Gold Medal Winner (2019) - Magtronix Starter Set

Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Medal Winner (2019) - Magtronix Starter Set

Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award (Summer, 2019) - Magtronix Starter Set

Westpac Auckland Business Awards, Finalist for Excellence in International Trade (2019)