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How to Prepare for Back to School

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As we all know, back to school is always a big transition for your child and for parents. To help you and your child prepare for the new school year, here are our 10 top tips for back to school to get you prepared!


1. Sleep Routine – Before school starts, set up regular bedtimes and morning routines. Begin this at least a week before school starts.




2. Shop for Supplies – Shop for school supplies with your child and get their buy in early i.e. lunchbox, drink bottle, backpack etc.


Stationery Shopping



3. Turn off the TV – Ease your child into formal learning by turning off the electronics and encourage them to spend more time reading or playing independently each day.


Turning off TV



4. Review School Info – Spend time reviewing the back to school info you receive and run through this with your child. Outline who their teacher will be and mark down important dates in the calendar.


Marking notes in calendar



5. Identify Specific Needs – Rather than wait for school to start again, discuss any specific learning needs with your child’s school prior to school opening.


Mom talking to teacher



6. Rehearsal – If you child is nervous about starting school or changing to a new classroom, try to take them to school and visit the classroom before the first day back. Rehearse the drive/walk to and entry to school.





7. Talk about the Positive – Discuss the exciting aspects of school again. Making new friends, playing with old friends.


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8. Set up a Homework Space – Children need a consistent and quiet work space set up for when they do homework. Set this up before school starts.


Kid doing homework



9. Checklists – Prepare a back to school checklist for your child. List all the items that they need to pack for their first day.


To Do List



10. Calendar – Prepare a calendar for your child which shows them what is happening each day of their first week back. You may even want to note or draw what they might be getting for lunch that day, to help ease uncertainty. Place it on the refrigerator.


Checklist on Fridge



How do you prepare your child for going back to school? Share with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts.




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