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Preparing for Overnight Camp - 5 Tips

Kids Camping


First time sending your kid to Overnight Camp? Do not worry, and keep these 5 things in mind:



1. Ask your kids' sentiments

Before you make any decision on sending your kids on Overnight Camp, make sure that you hear out their opinion on the matter. Check in to see if they think they are ready, scared, excited, or worried. Have a moment of reflection and share some insights on what they can expect.


Child and Mother Talking



2. Research together with your kids

If this is your child’s first time away from you, researching together and informing them on what they can look forward to on the camp will help ease their worries. You could also share experiences of your own time at camp.


Father and Son Computer



3. Have a trial run

Have your kids go to sleepovers on weekends to test if they can handle being away from home. Afterwards, ask them about their experience. If they had a tough time, address this and evaluate if they will be able to handle Overnight Camp. Chances are, they would have had an incredible night away, and look forward to the next sleepover!





4. Organise and prepare

Get your kids to pack in advance so they don't forget anything or stress at the last minute. This will also help you to determine whether you will need to buy any items for the Overnight Camp. 


Family packing bags



5. Don't shy away from a "see you later" moment

First and foremost, try not to look upset or concerned when you say your “see you laters” because your child might get second thoughts and feel homesick right away. Instead, give them a big hug and smile, remind them about emergency contacts, and assure them if they are uncomfortable or scared at the Overnight Camp you will go and get them. Lastly, don’t forget to tell them to have fun, join activities, and to enjoy the whole experience.


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