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Simple Ways to Encourage Learning

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. To instil a love of learning in your child for life, why not try some of these simple ideas while at home:


Mom reading book to child


1. Fill their world up with reading. Talk, sing and read to your child as often as you can. Library visits are another great way to encourage kids to enjoy reading. Establish family reading time where everyone reads their own book. This way you can demonstrate how important reading for enjoyment is to you.


Children reading a book each


2. Encourage and show enthusiasm for your child’s own unique interests. If they love science and nature, take them to science museums, go on nature hunts and get out science books from the library.


Boy looking at animals at Museum


3. Provide multi-sensory learning opportunities and unstructured play time. Allow your children time to play freely with a variety of mediums at home – sand, blocks, wood, cardboard, paper, water, mud, paints etc. Let them explore through active learning and develop their unique creative and problem-solving skills.


Child with paint on hands


4. Keep them up to date on the new things that you are learning. Let them know if you are attending a night class, starting a new hobby, or researching something that is of interest to you.


Man swimming in a pool


5. Focus on what they are learning in school. Take a genuine interest in their schooling. Rather than a focus on grades or tests only, encourage your children to tell you about what they learned in school today.


Kids writing in their books at school


6. Turn everyday events into a learning opportunity. Encourage your child to ask questions, offer up suggestions, and make connections as they explore the world around them, each day.


Young girl pointing at tree





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