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Things to do with Kids at Home: Learn and Play

For the health, safety, and protection of your kids,various districts decided to have a COVID-19 (Coronavirus)-related school closures. If you don’t have any plans on what to do to keep your kids busy while at home, listed below are some suggestions:



Make a Schedule

Since the kids will be home from school and parents will be working from home, creating a schedule would be a good way to keep everyone busy and active. To let your kids sleep and play games all day will not benefit anyone. Having a schedule and routine during this time will help your kids have structure and not fall for the couch potato fever.



Study Time

Study time at home doesn’t need to be all books or workbooks, after they finish their school lessons have them engage in activities that will test their senses and age-appropriate for them, this will challenge their innovation and creativity. Activities like:
  • Sensory Play
  • Building, creating, and making a certain project
  • Learn and Play




Play Time

Yes! Play time is part of the schedule. This is to avoid doing “too much” screen time and play since they will be home all day.




Family Time

This is an overwhelming situation for everyone, so you should take a break too! Have a game night, movie night, bake with your kids, or even just a simple circle time catch up with the whole family.

Don't forget to stay clean and healthy!



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