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Top 4 Must-Have Toys That Will Help in Your Child’s Development: Parenting Tips


Your child is going through a lot of changes and development in every milestone he/she faces. As a parent, we always want the best for our baby, and we can give the world, we will. The good news is there are toys that your child can own that will help him/her improve his/her cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities. 

It’s important for parents to know how they could boost their child’s learning in every milestone. Just keep in mind that every child is different from one another, so don’t be panic if your toddler can’t cope with a particular task at a specific age. 

If you find it very doubtful, you can always ask your child’s doctor about his/her condition. Otherwise, here are the different toys that your child can have to hone their skills while having fun. 



1. Blocks


This is what most parents consider as a brain multivitamin. This is a great way for children’s fine motor skills to be developed by using their hands when moving a block from one place to the other. On top of that, there are many learning fundamentals that your baby can learn with blocks. In research, they found out that when a child plays with blocks in their toddler years, they are proven to have higher grades in Math subject compared to those who are not. 

It is proven that when children play with blocks, they will have a better understanding of fractions, counting, and shapes. It’s not that your baby is mastering the quarters and one fifth, but this will aid him in understanding future mathematical lessons. Your toddler can either pile, drop, and haul the blocks. In this process, he will be able to learn about stability, balance, and weight, which he can later on used in real-world applications. 

There are many block games that you can consider in accordance with your child’s age. Your toddler might first learn about gravity first. They will love to bring a block up and let it fall down. Toddlers might also want to throw blocks to places. 

The Math subject is about the study of patterns. Your toddler would want to learn about a simple structure. Your toddler will start thinking about what size of the block will fit in the empty space. This will help them learn to differ big from small items. At the same time, block games are super fun. If you have two offsprings, they can play together with blocks. 



 2. Play tent


Of course, play tents are fun to play with. This mostly helps in developing your child’s imagination, which will help him to become creative in the future. He will be thinking about ways he can utilize the tent so he might start to make-up stories as he lives in a small house, and he has to prepare everything. Imaginative skills are very important since it allows people to perceive things that aren’t there, but they might want to happen. 

It is such a huge plus that play tents encourages group play. So, you can invite your child’s cousins and playmates in your house or in your backyard. You, as their parents, can play with them as well. It’s super fun, and it stimulates your child’s cognitive development. 



 3. Ball games


Aside from it helps your child’s fine motor skills, it also improves your child’s eye target. The hand-eye coordination of every child must be developed since it will help him/her in the future things he will do in school and work. Your toddler will start to complement his eye movements along with his body’s movements. 



 4. Pretend plays


You can buy a small house toy where your toddlers can pretend that they are cooking and cleaning. A playhouse is always a great choice for pretend plays. Your toddler will be able to experience first-hand experiences in pretending to cook, cleaning around, and keep the bed tidy. It enhances their imaginative play and will boost your baby’s happy mood. This will occupy them for hours while they are learning important skills. 

There are many more games around that will help your child develop. In each milestone, it’s important that you guide your toddlers. There are times when they will tend to bite the block, thinking that it is edible, so it’s necessary that when they are playing, you are there to the lookout. I hope this article has given some ideas on what toys you should start buying for your developing toddler. If you can add more toys, you can share them in the comment sections below. Thank you for reading! 





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