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Amazing Animal Printables

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Let's go wild and explore the animal kingdom! There are four literacy activities, all designed to help kids learn the names of animals (including spelling them!), gain some knowledge of their features and adaptations, and process and understand the meaning of text. These worksheets are designed for kids aged 4 - 6.



1. Learn the names of animals with "Animal Match". Kids have to identify each animal name by its image, and then match this image to its spelled out name. Click here for PDF download


Animal Match Preview



2. Find the names of unfamiliar animals in "African Safari". This word search activity contains 17 hidden animal names to find! Click here for PDF download


Word Search Preview



3. In "Animal Facts", kids have to read each fact, and correctly link it to the associated animal. Is an elephant the tallest mammal on Earth, or is a hyena the smallest member of the large cat category? Test your knowledge now! Click here for PDF download


Animal Facts Preview



4. Determine whether an animal survives better in hot climates or cold climates with "Hot or Cold?". This comprehension activity encourages kids to read clues about each animal in making their decision. Click here for PDF download


Hot or Cold Preview




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