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Sight Word Reading Flashcards

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Sight words are words that are not decodable. In other words, they cannot be sounded out as they do not follow regular phonics rules. For beginning readers, Junior Learning's decodable and fantail readers limit sight words to short words that are necessary when writing a story. However, as the reading skills become more established, the sight words will get larger. This printable pack includes three sets of flashcards to help kids learn non-decodable words. These words are common, and children will frequently encounter them in other reading. The flashcards follow three steps, and should be learnt in progression.  


To use the flashcards, laminate the pages before you cut them out. This should make them fairly durable. Cut the red rectangles out, and shuffle them around. Turn the cards upside down, and get your child to pick a card. You could add a Rainbow Timer to the activity, getting your child to recall each word before the timer runs out. 



Here are the words introduced in each step:


Step 1: a, are, be, does, go, goes, has, he, her, his, into, my, of, says, see, she, the, they, to, want, you


Step 2: could, do, eggs, for, from, have, here, I, likes, me, nest, onto, or, puts, said, say, sees, should, wants, was, we, what, would, your


Step 3: as, Mr., Mrs., no, put, their, there, where



1. Step One - Click here for PDF download


Step 1 Flashcards



2. Step Two - Click here for PDF download


Step 2 Preview 



3. Step Three Click here for PDF download


Step 3 Preview






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