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Speaking Skills Printables

Speaking Skills Promo


Kids will love these activity sheets that challenges them to think on their feet, get out of their comfort zone, ask questions, think logically, and pose creative solutions. Kids can try these activities at home, or with a large classroom group. 



1. "Dramatic Animals" is a fun way to build motor skills and coordination, as well as to gain a sense of awareness of animal sounds. Click here for PDF download


Dramatic Animals Preview



2. There are fourteen different scenarios to act out with "Improv Scenarios". Find a friend or family member, and have turns playing different characters. This activity encourages creative thinking, role playing, and listening. Kids will first have to think about how the different characters might respond in the given situation, and the language they might communicate with. Click here for PDF download


Improv Scenario Preview



3. Build presentation, logical thinking, and impromptu speaking skills with the "One Minute Debate" activity sheet. Kids have one minute to debate each topic. Even if they might disagree with a statement, this activity encourages kids to find valid points from all perspectives. Click here for PDF download


One Minute Debate Preview 



For more speaking and debating activities, check out Junior Learning's 50 Activity Card range. There's 50 Debating Activities, a set of activity cards that teach children how to think quickly and inquisitively on a variety of unprepared topics. There's also 50 Speaking Activities, with topics covering speaking, listening, following instructions, role play, asking questions, interviewing, intonation, comprehension, reasoning and persuading. 



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