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World Geography Printables


Sharpen your world geography skills with this printable pack! Learn the names and locations of continents, countries, and capital cities. There are four exciting activities, each designed to develop comprehension and spelling techniques.  



1. "Continents of the World" is a self-correcting activity, where kids have to first follow a set of instructions to create a fortune teller. They can then use this fortune teller to quiz themselves and others, turning the corners over to see if they are correct. Questions involve identifying continents based on selective information about countries and populations. Click here for PDF download  











2. Learn the shape, location and names of countries with "Countries of the World". There are thirteen countries to name! Click here for PDF download


Countries of the World Preview




3. "The Great Global Hunt" is a fantastic way for kids to learn the relative geography of countries. Kids can refer to the included map as they answer questions regarding bordering countries, land mass, locations, and capital cities. Click here for PDF download


The Great Global Hunt Preview




4. There are 15 cities to find in "Capital Cities Word Find". There are clues that reveal the names of the countries included, but kids must work out the name of the capital city themselves. Click here for PDF download


Capital Cities Preview



Have fun learning geography today!



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