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CVC Builders Activity Cards

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Ignite your child's love for phonics with the CVC Builders Activity Cards from Junior Learning.

Designed specifically for early learners aged 4 to 5 in Pre-K to kindergarten, this set of 48 color-coded cards offers an interactive, hands-on approach to mastering 3-letter CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words. Featuring three levels of complexity, each card serves as a stepping stone to build essential skills in phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, and spelling.

The best part? These cards are self-checking, with answers conveniently located on the back, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.

Consists of 3 levels:

  • Blue is early CVC words (Phase 2 Letter Sounds)
  • Orange is middle CVC words (Phase 2 Letter Sounds)
  • Purple is advanced CVC words (Phase 3 Phonics)
Ages Grade 
4 - 5 Pre K - K

CVC Tri-Blocks® Tub is sold separately.

  • 48 Color-Coded Cards: Includes early (blue), middle (orange), and advanced (purple) levels to naturally progress through phonemic awareness.
  • Interactive Learning: Designed to be used with CVC Tri-Blocks® Tub for a tactile learning experience.
  • Self-Checking: Allows children to independently verify their answers, promoting self-confidence and reinforcing learning.
  • Age and Grade Appropriate: Ideal for children aged 4-5, perfectly aligned with Pre-K to kindergarten curricula.

Q: Is this set compatible with other Junior Learning products?
A: Yes, these cards are designed to be used with the CVC Tri-Blocks® Tub for a comprehensive learning experience.

Q: What does the color-coding signify?
A: The color-coding represents different levels of difficulty: blue for early, orange for middle, and purple for advanced CVC words.

Q: Can the cards be used independently?
A: While they offer the most value when used with the CVC Tri-Blocks® Tub, the cards can also serve as standalone learning tools.

Q: Can this game be used in schools or educational settings?A: Absolutely, these cards are perfectly aligned with Pre-K to kindergarten curricula, making them ideal for use in both school and home educational settings.