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Teacher Planner Grade 2

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The Rainbow Phonics Teacher Planner for 2nd Grade focuses on correctly adding affixes to words, the different parts of speech, learning contractions as well as developing spelling and proofreading skills. It provides daily lesson plans based on the progression of The Rainbow Phonics Program, in terms of the completion of sound families and the detailed instruction of prefixes, suffixes and homophones. A handy calendar is provided in the front of the Teacher Planner to display this across the year.

At Phase 6 children should have already established reading skills which are further developed through the use of decodable readers and the teacher-led examples used throughout this planner. The lessons in this planner are designed to expand children’s reading abilities as well as spelling skills and encourage them to become fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers and writers.

Overall, the 2nd Grade Teacher Planner covers the remainder of Phase 5.5 (alternative sound families) and Phase 6 (prefixes and suffixes). There are also lessons on proofreading and dictionary skills. This complete teacher planner references the associated decodable readers and provides assessment and revision sessions.