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Fraction Flips

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Introduce your young learner to the fascinating world of fractions with Fraction Flips! This double-sided flip stand makes understanding fractions and their equivalents—like decimals and percentages—a breeze. Designed for children aged 6-9+, Fraction Flips supports both guided and independent learning. The pages are color-coded according to their corresponding equivalence, making it an excellent self-correcting educational tool. Whether at home or in a classroom, Fraction Flips provides a hands-on approach to mastering fractions.

Ages Grade
6 - 9+ 1 - 5
  • Double-Sided Learning: One side features different fraction examples, while the other provides equivalence in fractions, decimals, and percentages.
  • Color-Coded System: Pages are color-coded according to their corresponding equivalence, making it easy for kids to self-correct.
  • Age-Appropriate: Designed for kids aged 6-9+ and aligns with grades 1-2.
  • Multi-Faceted Learning: Supports both guided and independent learning, offering flexibility in educational settings.
  • Self-Correcting: The color-coded pages serve as an effective self-correcting mechanism, promoting independent learning.

Q: How many players can participate?
A: Fraction Flips is designed primarily for individual use but can also work well in small group settings for guided learning.

Q: What age range is this suitable for?
A: This educational tool is most suitable for children aged 6-9+.

Q: Can this be used in schools or educational settings?
A: Absolutely! Fraction Flips is a great resource for classrooms as well as for at-home learning.

Q: Are the pieces easy to handle for young children?
A: Yes, the flip stand is designed to be easily manipulated by children, allowing for a seamless learning experience.