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Rainbow Phonics Single Kit 1st Grade

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The Rainbow Phonics 1st Grade Single kit has been assembled for home schooling parents of the Rainbow Phonics Program or for smaller schools. 

The Rainbow Phonics Teacher Planner for 1st Grade focuses on additional graphemes and alternative sounds. It also introduces the prefix -un and five suffixes. Teachers who have used Letters and Sounds will be familiar with the format of the daily and weekly lesson plans, in accordance with the progression. A calendar is provided in the front to plan out lessons for the three terms. Resources are presented on the right-hand page throughout the planner and these link directly to the lesson plan.

Staring with Phase 5, covering a further 19 graphemes that mainly cover vowel sounds and alternative spellings of these such as the spilt digraph. Throughout the year a significant amount of teaching is dedicated to sound families. Here, the focus is on a common phoneme and the various ways that phoneme can be spelt.

The 1st Grade Single kit includes Decodable Readers from phases 5 and 5.5 in both fiction and non-fiction titles. 

The kit also includes a range of supplementary resources for reaffirming the skills taught in the planner and throughout the decodable readers. 

The Rainbow Phonics program by Junior Learning and Beanstalk Books is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) program designed for children in Pre-K to Grade 2 (Phases 1 to 6). It includes a progression of Common Exception Words (Heart Words) alongside letter progression, allowing children to encounter words with different spelling patterns but similar phonemes. Our program has the largest collection of decodable readers and supplementary resources – all following the progression.

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RP102 Teacher Planner 1st Grade 1
JL384 Letters & Sounds Phase 5 Set 1 Fiction 1
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BB103 Science Decodables Phase 5 Non-Fiction 1
BB139 Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 5 1
BB156 The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 5 Set 2 1
BB142 Sound Families Long Vowel Fiction Phase 5.5 1
BB143 Sound Families Consonants Fiction Phase 5.5 1
BB144 Sound Families R-controlled Fiction Phase 5.5 1
BB146 Sound Families Long Vowels Non-Fiction Phase 5.5 1
BB147 Sound Families Consonants Non-Fiction Phase 5.5 1
BB148 Sound Families R-controlled Non-Fiction Phase 5.5 1
JL194 Rainbow Phonics Magnetic Letters 1
RP104 Letter Sounds 1
RP105 Decodable Words 1
RP107 Heart Words 1
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RP109 Alien Words 1
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