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Rainbow Phonics Single Kit Pre-K

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The Rainbow Phonics Pre-K Single Kit is perfect for parents that are home schooling their children in the Rainbow Phonics program. Additionally, it is great for smaller schools! 

The Rainbow Phonics Teacher Planner for K provides daily and weekly lesson plans based on the progression of The Rainbow Phonics Program. A calendar in the front plans out all the K lessons for the year. Resources included are designed to work according to the daily lessons as the letters are introduced, rather than consolidated at the end of the phase. The Teacher Planner also brings in decodable readers and introduces these closely after letter sounds have been taught to apply newly learnt letter knowledge to real reading.

A selection of Fiction and Non-Fiction Phase 1 pre-readers have been included in this kit. 

The single kit includes a Teacher Planner and a single copy of every reader needed for Pre-K.  

The Rainbow Phonics program by Junior Learning and Beanstalk Books is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) program designed for children in Pre-K to Grade 2 (Phases 1 to 6). It includes a progression of Common Exception Words (Heart Words) alongside letter progression, allowing children to encounter words with different spelling patterns but similar phonemes. Our program has the largest collection of decodable readers and supplementary resources – all following the progression.

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RP106 Phonemic Awareness Sounds 1
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