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Teacher Planner Pre-K

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The Rainbow Phonics Teacher Planner for Pre-K provides weekly and daily lesson plans for introducing the Rainbow Phonics Program. It focuses in detail on the seven aspects Phase 1. These are: environmental sounds, body percussion, rhythm & rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds, oral blending and segmenting.

Aspects 1-6 are introduced throughout the year, with two to three lessons per week. Aspect 7 is presented at the end of the year, as it is crucial for the preparation of early sounding out or decoding skills that are introduced in Phase 2 at the start of K.

Each lesson is divided into Objective, Activity, Teach, Resources and Extension. The objective clearly identifies the purpose of the lesson. The activity describes what children will be working on during the lesson. The teach section provides detailed teacher notes for preparing and presenting the lesson. Finally, resources include the various resources used in the lesson and extension provides a fun, easy to apply extension activity.

Teachers can move in and out of different aspects, building and consolidating learning. Towards the end of Aspects 1-6, children will be ready for Aspect 7 which will involve the modelling of oral segmenting and blending. By the end of Phase 1, children will be familiar with various phonemes and will be able to identify and manipulate them within words. With this foundation, children starting Phase 2 will be introduced to some of the various graphemes that represent these common sounds.

This Planner specifically emphasises language development and phoneme awareness so that children are prepared for decoding when they enter K.