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Decodable Resources

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  • Letters & Sounds Weekly Progression

    Letters & Sounds Weekly Progression

    The Letters & Sounds decodable reading program teaches children systematic phonics...

  • How the Decodable Readers are used

    How the Decodable Readers are used

    The Letters & Sounds Decodable Readers range are 100% decodable. Each Letters & Sounds series follows children week-by-week through the program providing them text-based context to practice their emerging ready skills. Every story in both the fiction, and non-fiction range of books, 

  • Science of Reading – Program Overview

    Science of Reading – Program Overview

    The Junior Learning Science of Reading is a comprehensive body of multi-disciplinary research across education, psychology and cognitive neuroscience. This research provides a deep understanding of how we learn to read, the skills involved and the parts of the brain that are responsible. The science of reading has demystified how we learn to read and shows how teaching by whole word memorization is limited.