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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 4

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Written especially for older and struggling readers - The Beanies. The Beanies are Hi-Lo - age-appropriate, high-interest stories with an exciting array of adventures, centered around a cast of diverse, relatable, and teenage characters that reflect the modern world that we live.

Phase 4 (Blends) set has been written specifically for the progression of Letters & Sounds. Phase 4 (Blends) readers introduce 38 different adjacent consonants (blends). The text uses only decodable regular. Phase 4 readers will follow students week-by-week through the program providing them with text-based context to practice their emerging reading skills. Every story has been written with a strictly controlled text so that students are only exposed to those letter sounds that they have previously learned. Furthermore, tricky words are only included after they have been introduced. Build confidence in older, struggling readers as they master the phonics code. Can also be used alongside other popular schemes as book-banded reading levels are provided.

The set includes 12 fiction readers, each with colorful illustrations.





Book Band

Early 4 (Green)

Guided Reading Level

F - I

Reading Level

9 - 14

Book #

Book Title

Letter Sounds


The Lost Chest

st nd    mp


Will it Sink?

nt   nk


Help! Help!

ft   sk   lt   lp


Sam's Next Quest

lf   lk   pt   xt


A Dragon's Egg

tr   dr   gr


Frogs and Toads

cr   br   fr


Og in the Gloom

bl   fl   gl


The Dragon Plan

pl   cl   sl


Stuck in a Swamp

sp   sw   tw   sm   pr   sc   sn


Shrimps for Lunch

nch   scr   shr


A Strong Goblin

spr   str   thr


A Gift for Og

Revision of all Phase 4 sounds

What are Decodable Readers?

Decodable Readers are readers that have been written with strictly controlled vocabulary so that they only use decodable regular words in accordance with a week-by-week progression of letter sounds. Decodable readers can also use a small number of common exception words (or tricky words) and these are provided in the front of the reader so children can become familiar with them before reading the text.

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