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The Beanies Hi-Lo Diversity Decodables Phase 5 Set 2

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Continuing the excitement from your favorite tales in Set 1, this portion of Set 2 delves into 20 different letter patterns, emphasizing alternative vowel sounds. Designed especially for older, struggling readers, these Hi-Lo decodable books sustain the series' high-interest, age-appropriate adventures, featuring our diverse and relatable cast of teenage characters.

Aligned with the Letters & Sounds Phase 5 (Vowel Sounds) curriculum, these readers offer a strictly controlled vocabulary, including the introduction of 'tricky words' only after they have been taught. Each book provides a week-by-week, text-based framework for practicing emerging reading skills, helping to build confidence in mastering the phonics code. The set is also compatible with other popular reading schemes, offering book-banded reading levels. This part of Set 2 includes 12 books at the Phase 5 level.





Book Band

Fluency 1 (Orange)

Guided Reading Level

H - I

Reading Level

15 - 16

Book #

Book Title

Letter Sounds


Stay for an Hour

ay    ou    ie    ea


A Royal Birth Right

oy    ir     ue (/oo/ and /y-oo/)


Sam and the Hawk

aw    oe


Elephant Play

wh    ph
5 Draw What We See ew (/oo/ and /y-oo/)    au    ey
6 Race Against Time a-e    e-e     i-e
7 Chilled to the Bone o-e    u-e (/oo/ and /y-oo/)
8 The Temple of the Sun Review
9 A Mammoth Mudslide Review
10 Tab’s First Prize Review
11 The Dolphin Alphabet Review
12 The Lava Tunnel Review

What are Decodable Readers?

Decodable Readers are readers that have been written with strictly controlled vocabulary so that they only use decodable regular words in accordance with a week-by-week progression of letter sounds. Decodable readers can also use a small number of common exception words (or tricky words) and these are provided in the front of the reader so children can become familiar with them before reading the text.

Learn more in our flip-book guide below and explore our other Decodable Resources.

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