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Letters & Sounds Phase 6 Set 1 Non-Fiction - 6 Pack

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Spelling readers have been written with a rich vocabulary including embedded words that contain suffixes. They also consolidate earlier taught phonics skills and ‘tricky words’

The set includes 6 x 12 non-fiction readers with clear photographic images.





Book Band

Fluency 2 (Turquoise)

Guided Reading Level

I - K

Reading Level

16 - 20

Book # Book Title Letter Sounds
1 Where Do You Work? Fluent
2 Moon Gazing Fluent
3 Save the Rainforests Fluent
4 The Pyramids Fluent
5 Icy Antarctica Fluent
6 Butterflies of the World Fluent
7 Make A Rainbow Fluent
8 Where Do You Live? Fluent
9 Are You Lost? Fluent
10 How Bees Make Honey Fluent
11 Freaky Fish Fluent
12 Crazy Caves Fluent

What are Decodable Readers?

Decodable Readers are readers that have been written with strictly controlled vocabulary so that they only use decodable regular words in accordance with a week-by-week progression of letter sounds. Decodable readers can also use a small number of common exception words (or tricky words) and these are provided in the front of the reader so children can become familiar with them before reading the text.

Learn more in our flip-book guide below and explore our other Decodable Resources.

Decodable Resources